Latina Xxx Is Fucked In The Public Porn Bus

Latina Xxx Is Fucked In The Public Porn Bus

I was sitting in my favourite pub in Wimbledon enjoying a pint. I was with no one and had no plans to stay late. I was minding my own business. A very attractive brunette lady of my age came up to the bar and looked around. She was obviously looking for someone. We looked at one another and held each other's gaze for a few seconds. When I said nothing, she moved away. I was weighing up whether to head home or have another pint. I had no plans, so opted for another pint. After I got served and was paying the barman, I noticed the brunette lady was trying to get served.As the barman handed me my change, I said to him, “This lady is next.” She wasn’t, but I saw no reason to not help her. She noticed what I had done but was obviously grateful for the gesture.“Thank you,” she said, ordering a large Malbec.I moved away from the bar just as a group of people vacated a table next to the fireplace. It was too good an opportunity to miss. I got the seat, took off my coat and scarf, settled my pint and grabbed my phone. It took me a few minutes to delete some emails and I checked in on Facebook just in case anyone was around.“Is anyone sitting here?” asked the brunette lady.“No, please, take a seat,” I replied.“Forgive me for asking, but you are not Michael, are you?” she asked me.“No, I’m afraid not,” I replied. “I’m Mark, please take a seat, I’m sure your friend or colleague will be here soon.”For some reason, she seemed a little unsure of what to say. “It’s not too crowded this evening, so I’m sure he will be able to find you,” I said trying to make her feel more comfortable with some small talk.“I have no idea what he actually looks like, I’m meeting him for the first time tonight,” she informed me.I was momentarily at a loss for words, and then the penny dropped. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” I replied. “I had no idea. You are on a date? please have this table.” I began to gather my things up.“There is no need to leave. I’m sure we can share,” she said.“Is it an online date?” I asked. “Yes,” she replied nervously.“Good luck,” I responded.“Have you tried it?" she asked“I did.” I replied truthfully “I can’t say it was a success. I think I’m just too old for it. Either that or I wasn’t sure how to act or what to expect.” “Which site did you use.” She enquiredI gave her the name of a popular site aimed at people of my age. I sensed she was somewhat embarrassed. There was an awkward silence between us for a while.“That’s the one I’m using.”“Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply anything,” I replied. "I’m sure it will work for you."“Well, it hasn’t so far,” she told me.“Early days?” I responded“Nope, six months and so far nothing, except for a large assortment of pervs, weirdos and pensioners.”“I had my share of pensioners, plus a fair number of alcoholics and some who clearly comfort ate until they were comfortable.” We both relaxed and laughed at our mutual misfortune.“Why do people do it?” we both asked the question at the same time and laughed together again.“What was your worst?" I enquired.“A man older than my Dad who clearly thought he could pass for twenty years younger.”“Yours?”“A very attractive lady, in her photographs, but when I actually met her, she was... How can I say this, without sounding like a jerk?”“Go on,” she said, encouraging me.“Well, em, she was…. substantially larger than in her photographs.” She laughed out loud and we smiled at one another. “I mean, I’m talking enormous,” I continued. We both visibly relaxed. “So what made you try it?” she asked me.“After my divorce, my confidence had taken a knock and I realised I had been out of the game, if that is the correct expression for over twenty years. The rules had changed. I tried joining a few clubs and societies and things like that but I never met any single women my age. Someone at work suggested to me it would be a good idea to give it a go. So I did. I can’t say I was ever comfortable with it. And here I am, six months on, still single, reasonably happy and at least I’m not being plagued by legions of nutters.”She laughed out loud. “I am so glad to have met someone who had a similar experience,” she replied.“Listen, please don’t think me too forward, but while you are waiting, can I buy you another drink?”“Yes, I’d like that,“ she replied.“Another Malbec?” I inquired.“Perfect,” she replied“It’s good here, they take a lot of interest in the wine they offer. Simon the manager is really interested in South American wines. I’ve had some superb stuff here on their tasting nights.”I came back from the bar with another glass of wine.“I’m sorry, you told me you were Mark, I’m Carol,” she said offering me her hand.“Pleased to meet you, Carol,” I replied“I don’t remember this place being so upmarket,” Carol said“How do you mean, remember?” I asked“I used to live in Wimbledon. When I was married, I always thought of this place as a bit of a geezers pub.”“Oh right, I get you now. Yes, I suppose you were right, it always was a proper boozer as opposed to being a bar or a venue. I think that is why it survives and thrives. Simon the manager has been here about five years and he has transformed it whilst keeping it true to its heritage. You can still get a pint and be left alone or you can have a pretty good meal with very decent wine if that is what you want. He is always employing young chefs who are ambitious without being pretentious.” My enthusiasm for my local was obvious. “You should eat here one day, you won’t be disappointed, I promise you.”“You have sold me, I clearly need to give it a go.”I was relaxing in Carol’s company and I thought picking up some very positive vibes. I felt my confidence surge. “Look, I don’t know if this is being too forward, so just tell me if it is? How much longer are you going to give this chap before he is declared a no-show?”“Why do you ask?” Carol asked in a very encouraging manner. She was also running her finger around the rim of her wine glass.“Well,” I said. “If you decide he is not coming and you don’t have anywhere else to go. I was wondering whether you would like to have dinner here, with me?”“I would like that very much and the answer is yes. It has been a long, long time since a proper gentleman chatt
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ed me up the old fashioned way.”“Well then, let me see if Simon can get us a table. Give me a minute?” I was back quickly with the news that despite it being Friday night, the pub had found us a table.What followed was a delightful evening as we drank more wine and fell into easy conversation with each other. We enjoyed a meal of lamb shanks and seasonal local veg. The evening passed and with laughed and flirted and got to know one another. At one stage Carol got up to use the loos and I rewarded myself with a good look at her. She was wearing a longish wool dress that was tight enough to show that she had a nice bum and good-sized tits. She was also wearing black patterned tights or stockings, I hoped they were stockings. When she returned to the table, we carried on, comfortable in each other's company. We decided to skip dessert and coffee and we both thought it wise to avoid anything stronger.As it was now late, I offered to walk her to the taxi rank by the station. We left the pub together and she took my arm. We were laughing and joking all the way. Our spirits lifted by an evening of good wine and good company.There was a small queue at the taxi rank and we took our place. We swapped numbers and agreed to call each other and meet again. Just as her taxi pulled in, I pulled her back.“Give this one a miss, I know the driver. I’ve endured him before. A Brexit voting, immigrant hating, long-winded dickhead.” Carol seemed glad of my advice and a rather uncouth young man in a flashy suit took the cab.In pulling Carol back, I didn’t realise that I was still holding her arm. We were very close. We looked into each other's eyes and both leaned forward to kiss. It was spontaneous. We pulled back for a second, looked at each other and kissed again. Then the next taxi arrived. Carol got in, we kissed one more time and she closed the door.“Thank you for a lovely evening.” she, said. “Let's do it again very soon.” Her taxi pulled away.I started walking home. It would take me between twenty and twenty-five minutes. I was buzzing from a great night. Ten minutes into my walk, I heard the unmistakable sound of a London taxi and one pulled up right next to me. It was Carol’s“Want a lift?" she said opening the door.“How did you know where I would be?” I asked.“Well, you told me where you lived, and from the pub, this is the most obvious route. Clever, eh?”“I sat close to her and we kissed again” “Sorry, guys, where to?” The voice of the taxi driver broke us apart. Carol just looked at me and everything suddenly got very exciting.“Kingsland Road,” I said “The other end from the church.” The taxi pulled away.We arrived home in no time and I paid for the cab. I led Carol to my front door and I held it open for her. As soon as I had closed the door, we were on each other. Our lips locked and soon our tongues were probing each other's mouths. I stopped for a moment took off my coat and scarf and helped Carol with her coat. We began kissing again immediately. I pulled away again, and led Carol through to my front room and sat her on my sofa. I closed the shutters and lit the gas fire. I wanted an atmosphere and privacy. I sat very close to her on the sofa and began kissing her again passionately. This time, I allowed my hands to explore her back. I encountered no resistance.Carol broke away and stood up. She turned to face me. Next, she reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. She nonchalantly threw it on to the chair. Carol was a sight to behold. She was wearing a set of blue and black matching lingerie. The bra was semi-transparent and her largish breasts were visible beneath the fabric. Her nipples were getting hard and sticking out. Traveling down her front, I next encountered a matching suspender belt and below that a set of tiny panties. Being semi-transparent it was clear that Carol kept her pubes neat with a thin Brazilian strip. The whole outfit was topped off with black stockings.“You are stunning,” I declared “Absolutely stunning.”I moved to kiss her again but instead, she started unbuttoning my shirt. I undid my jeans and it a moment of sheer bravado pulled down my boxer shorts. My cock sprang to attention. I moved back towards Carol. We kissed again and I deliberately pushed my cock against her belly. I reached behind her and began to feel her bum. The tiny panties were a thong. I got my hand into her bum crack and began feeling her while we kissed.I felt her hand reach for my cock and she began squeezing me and stroking me. I was already pretty hard so she didn’t have to do much. I was naked, Carol was in her sexy lingerie. I began to feel her tits and broke off from kissing her to bite a nipple very gently. She was still working my cock.Carol made the next move. She broke away, pulled off her thong and lay down on the sofa. When she spread her legs, her Brazilian trim was displayed to perfection. I sensed she was not in the mood for foreplay and was keen to fuck. My intuition was right, I slid into her with ease and began thrusting into her very wet pussy. I got a good pace going and was rewarded by her wrapping her legs around me and drawing me in. Her pussy felt good and contracted around my hard cock. Neither of us was going to last long. I felt my balls begin to rise and tighten.“Can I cum in you?” I asked“Stay in me for a minute, but don’t cum just yet.” Her voice was calm but confident and assertive.I pushed my hard cock into her.  At the same time, Carol reached between her legs, located her clit and began rubbing it firmly with two fingers. Her orgasm was a series of grunts followed by some very deep exhaling. “Pull out, and when you are ready, shoot your load on my belly.”I did exactly that and then laid beside Carol on my sofa, our bodies lit by the gentle light of the gas fire."Thank you. You are amazing,” I said“Well, I feel it is me, who should be thanking you. I had the night I was hoping for, just not with the person I thought I might.”Later I took Carol upstairs to my bedroom, got her a towel and showed her my shower.She took off her stockings, bra and suspender belt and got into my bed naked. “Please don’t tell me that is it?” she asked. “It’s been a long time, too long”“Oh no." I replied," There is plenty more where that came from.” I turned her over, lay her on her tummy, spread her legs and got behind her. To be continued. 

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