When she lets go of her, she gets scared of the blonde fucked in the car

When she lets go of her, she gets scared of the blonde fucked in the car

It was my first night in Hollywood, and I was going home with someone, I just didn't know who, yet. I was only in Hollywood for two nights, and I wasn't going to risk not getting fucked. I pulled up to the curb in my rented Honda Accord, and stepped out. The valet walked up to my car, took the keys and handed me a ticket. I could feels his eyes looking me up and down. I walked up to the bouncers, and stuck out my tits. They both looked down at them and one stuttered out "Name?""Cassiday Hilton" I said with a sexy smile. The muscular bouncer looked down to his list until he found my name. "Kay, Cassiday, go on in" And as I walked past them, I could feel their eyes on my perky ass. I went straight to the bar and ordered a tequila, and spun on the chair to survey the crowd. The DJ was playing an old song, Hotel Room Service by Pitbull. My head was nodding with the beat as I took my first gulp of the tequila. It burned going down my throat, but I loved the feeling. Once I finished my first drink I stood and headed to the dance floor. The song had switched to Control by Puddle Of Mud, my personal favorite. I moved my ass back and forth and looked over my shoulder to the guys sitting at their table. I knew who one of them was, he was Eric Dane, the guy from Grey's Anatomy; McSteamy. And, ohh, he was. I didn't have a clue about the other two guys, and frankly, I didn't care. I batted my eyes at him, and pop, locked, and dropped it. He was watching me dance, and that's what I wanted so, I looked away and started dancing as provocatively as I could. I continued to dance until I felt large hands on my hips. I didn't look to see who I was suddenly dancing with, I just hoped it was McSteamy. I rubbed my ass into his cock, which I could feel hardening. I set my hands on his hands and bent forward to a standing doggy style position. I grinded my ass on his, now full, boner. I snapped back up and faced him. My face fell when I realized the guy I was grinding with wasn't even McSteamy. I could see the real McSteamy sitting at his table, talking to his friends. I continued to grind with this random stranger. My legs interlaced with his and I rubbed my crotch on his leg. His hard cock rubbed up against my thigh. I could see McSteamy over his shoulder, and he occasionally glanced over to me. I ditched the guy before he came on my leg and headed for the bar and grabbed a seat. "Can I get you something?" The bartender asked. I looked up at him and said "Hell yeah! Tequila." A guy took the seat next to me and I silently prayed it wasn't the guy I was just grinding with. I looked over to see Eric Dane. I gave an innocent smile. "Hi." I said, and raised my martini to him in acknowledgment. "I'm Cassiday. And you are..?" "Hey. Eric Dane." He looked at me as if he have expected me to flip my shit. He jutted his hand toward me and I shook it. When we let go he pointed to my drink "Nice."I laughed, "Yeah. No kidding." I took a sip while starring at him. He watched me as I put my drink down. I took the quick chance to check my cleavege... Yep, hot and perky as ever. I could feel his eyes all over me. Practically undressing me. Which, I'd let him do anyway, he only had to act interested. We continued to talk, about anything that we could think of. There wasn't a spark but there definitely was a lot of sexual tension between us. "Wanna dance?" He asked.He grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. The song had just changed to Sugar, We're Goin Down, by Fall Out Boy, so we had just about four minutes of grinding before us. I faced him and slid my leg in between his legs and my other leg on the out side and rubbed my pussy on his leg. He bent dow
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n just a little and started rubbing his cock on my leg. We grinded through three other songs. I felt his cock get hard as I rubbed up against him. I then spun around and pushed my ass against his boner. I swiveled it in the form of a figure 8. I pressed my back up to his chest and his hands trailed up from my hips. His hands slowly passed my belly button and stopped when they got to just bellow my hard tits. I shoved my ass against his boner and I heard his moans. My pussy started to get wet. Oh, I wanted his cock so bad. His hands slid up more and around my tits, and squeezed them. I moaned just load enough for him to hear, but not the people next to us. He grabbed my hand and headed toward the bar. We both ordered one last drink, and then left together. We got in my car and drove to my hotel room. We were just barely in the room and he was already undressing me. He whipped off my tiny dress and slid my bra off. He bent over and slid his hands under my ass and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his back and he started to suck on my tits as he walked over to the bed. He laid me down onto the bed and then stood back up to strip down. He leaned back over me and pulled my thong down, and threw it over to the corner. He got down on his knees and put his face down to my pussy and started sucking on my clit. "Oh, Fuck me." I groaned. He used one of his hands to prop me up and put two fingers from his other hand into my pussy and slid them in and out. My left hand trailed down to his head and I ran my fingers into his peppered hair. My right tailed up my body and teased my tits. I pulled my tit up and twisted it between my fingers. Eric stopped sucking on me and instead nibbled. He inserted another finger into my throbbing pussy and pumped his hand harder, sending me into my first orgasm of the night. My back arched, my toes curled up, and my hand clenched up around his hair. He moaned, and gave my pussy one last long lick before sliding up my body to my face. His boner rubbed against my thigh and I moaned at the pressure building in my pussy again. He looked at me biting my lip and smiled. He slid his hard cock into my pussy and I squealed in delight. He slowly slid it in till his balls touched my skin, and then slowly pulled almost all the way out. He repeated this motion a few more times until he finally started fucking me at a faster rhythm. His cock filled my pussy, and then some. The pounding almost hurt, but definitely in a good way. He arched his back and bent forward and started to suck on my tits. With his other hand he groped my left tit. "Oh, GOD! Fuck, fuck. Oh, fuck me hard." I moaned as my next orgasm rolled in. My tight pussy contracted against his huge boner and made him groan as load as me. "Come on my face. I wanna swallow your come"And with that invitation, he pulled out and stood up over the bed and I moved down to his cock. I grabbed the base of his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. I started to massage those areas as I licked the tip of his long cock. I opened my mouth up wide and slid it around the tip. Eric's hand gripped my hair and held my head still as he pumped his cock deeply into my mouth. It reached the back of my throat and I gagged a little but he kept going. He slid his cock down my throat and started humping my mouth. My hands drifted down to my pussy and I rubbed my clit vigorously as he pumped his cock in my throat. I came for the third time that night just as Eric was pulling out to come on my face. His come squirted on my cheeks, chin, and in my mouth. I kept rubbing my pussy through the orgasm as I licked up his come from around my mouth.(More Celebrity Stories To Come)

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